I’m having difficulty getting the head to stay upright, even though I have followed the instructions and made a neck former from a drinking straw. I also can’t get some of my toys to stand up on their own. What am I doing wrong?

March 9th, 2012

The toys in all the photographs you see on the website standing on their own, and have no hidden means of support. I suspect the stuffing you are using is too dense, which makes the head too heavy for the neck, legs or feet to support, and I always use a very light, ‘high loft’, toy stuffing, as this gives bulk without being weighty. In the UK you can buy this stuffing online or by phone from Dainty Supplies. It’s worth paying a little extra for this because cheaper stuffings weigh much heavier but also compact, which means you end up using more. You should also remember that you won’t get a good result if you simply push a large amount of stuffing inside, and you should gradually add small amounts of stuffing and mould the piece between your hands as you do this to achieve the shape.