I’ve downloaded a pattern to my iPad but can no longer find it.

December 31st, 2012

You need to save the pdf file as well as downloading it.

1. Check that you have the free iBooks app installed on your iPad.

2. Download the pattern as usual. You can test this method by downloading the free Furry Fairies pattern.

3. When the pattern has downloaded completely, touch the very top of the pattern page and, briefly, two labels will show. One says ‘open in iBooks’ and the other ‘open in …’. Touch the iBooks one and the pattern will open on the pdf shelf of iBooks, and will remain there until you delete it. The second label will list any other apps you have on the iPad that will open and save the pattern, but iBooks is the best.

4. Should you need to print the pattern from your iPad, and don’t have an Airprint compatible printer, you can use PRINTOPIA, although this only works via a mac. Download the software to your mac (from ecamm.com/mac/printopia – there’s a 7 day free demo). When you want to print from your iPad you choose ‘print’ on that and it finds your computer wirelessly and uses any switched-on printer that is attached to the computer.