Artie The Artist



Knit your own Old Master and make a masterpiece

A seven page pattern

Measurements 34cm tall

You will need Of tweedy D.K. yarn: 50g in Camel; of standard D.K. yarn: 40g each in Cerise and Denim Blue, 20g in Cream and Chocolate, 10g each in Maroon, Coffee and Oatmeal, and small amounts in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple; oddment of silver lurex knitting or embroidery thread; pair of 3mm (U.K. no.11) knitting needles; 125g of washable toy stuffing; pair of 12mm diameter brown safety teddy eyes; three 12mm diameter denim blue buttons; thin plastic drinking straw; scrap of stout card; clear adhesive.

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