Bunny Babes & Beach Boys



We're all goin' on a bunny's holiday!

A fourteen page pattern

Measurements 16cm/61/4in tall.

You will need Each bunny takes approx. 15g of fur shade yarn and an oddment of White, together with 10g of toy stuffing. Each individual accessory, apart from lilo which uses 15g, will take less than 5g of yarn shade stated.

Of Sirdar Bonus DK 100g balls: Fur shades: White 961, Aran 993, Oatmeal 964, Walnut 927 and Silver Grey 838. These shades are also used for embroidering features, together with Chocolate 947 and Black 965. Accessory shades: Primrose 957, Neon 884, Bluebell 969, Royal 979, Turquoise 998, Sunflower 978, Signal Red 977, Emerald 916, Orange 981, Lime 882, and Pink 992; washable toy stuffing; pair of 3mm (no.11) knitting needles; stitch holder; scrap of stiff card; clear adhesive; red coloured pencil; black pen; long tweezers; hair spray; Fray Check (fabric stiffener).

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