Nativity Set



A keepsake collection with stable for keeping

An eleven page pattern

Measurements Each figure is 4¼in (11cm) tall; sheep 3¼in (8cm) tall, 3¼in (8cm) long; donkey 4¼in (11cm) tall, 3½in (9cm) long; stable 8¼in (21cm) wide, 8¾in (22cm) tall, 4¼in (11cm) deep

You will need Of Sirdar Bonus D.K. 100g balls: 1 in Mink 946, 10g in Oatmeal 964, 6g in Silver Cloud 968, and oddments in Chocolate 947, Royal 979, Shiraz 945, Bluebell 969, Pink 992, Primrose 957, Flesh Tone 963, White 961, Black 965, Maroon 972, Cerise 984, Navy 971, Violet 985, Denim 994, Watermelon 929, Bottle 979, Aran 993, and Blueberry 952; of Sirdar Snowflake D.K. 50g balls: 10g in Cream 303; pair each of 3mm (no.11) and 4mm (no.8) knitting needles; 100g of washable toy stuffing; scraps of narrow gold cord and braid; two 15cm long pipe cleaners; four plastic drinking straws; 2cm of beige Velcro and matching sewing thread; scrap of stout card; large corrugated card grocery carton; ruler; pair of compasses; craft knife; pink pencil; black laundry marker pen; long tweezers; clear adhesive, hair spray.

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