Witch and Cat*



Hubble bubble - this pair's brewing trouble!

This version exclusive to the website

A twelve page pattern

Witch Cards by Malcolm Bird

Illustrated by Malcolm Bird, a range of greeting cards to accompany these toys, which you can personalise inside with your own message, is available from www.GCUniverse.com/ArtyCorner

Measurements Witch: 25cm/10in tall, when sitting; Cat: 15cm/6in tall

You will need Of Sirdar Bonus D.K. 100g balls: 75g in Black 965, 20g in White 961, 15g each in Flesh Tone 963 and Violet 985, 10g in Apple 980; of Sirdar Silky Look D.K. 50g balls: 5g in Lilac 914; small amount of dusky pink tapestry yarn; pair of 3mm (no.11) knitting needles; 50g of washable toy stuffing; 70g of PVC beanbag granules; 20cm diameter circle of white muslin; white sewing thread; 4cm diameter circle of stiff card; black plastic drinking straw; long tweezers; clear adhesive; hair spray.

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